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Southpack Distributors, Plastic Bag Wholesalers to the Australian Packaging Industry

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Great Service

Fulfilling product requirements on time is important. When your customer needs product fast, you can depend on Southpack to deliver the product and provide informative and timely communication.

Good People

We care about our customer. Personal communication is key to our success and you can always be guaranteed to speak to an honest, caring and well mannered assistant when you call.

Great Range

Our customers say we have a “Great Range” but that’s not the end; Southpack is consistently improving and refining the range of products we carry to suit changing markets and customer requirements. Southpack today, carries the largest stock range of proven quality plastic bags within Australia

Good Delivery

Availability is crucial, and then added with FIS Delivery* with no minimum order value*, just makes Southpack’s delivery service so user friendly and convenient. We suit our service to meet what the packaging and polythene industry requires most.

At Southpack Distributors it’s our ambition to always be of value to our customers. It takes the experience to convey the values in dealing with a reputable company, and that’s why we pursue consistency, honesty and competitiveness. Southpack does not trade directly to public or industry, but has an extensive array of distributors across Australia, making DURAPLAS plastic bags available easily when required. We guarantee you will enjoy the experience of being part of a supply chain, supplying quality DURAPLAS and POLARGRIP products.

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